Jane Dunnewold

Art DVD’s

Two DVD’s that I recently purchased are amazing. Both of them have clear instructions and are packed with valuable information. I was amazed by the time and energy that these artists have devoted to their discoveries. That said, they are so willing to share their information with everyone. Both cover safety issues throughout the instruction […]

Interesting Blogs

I have seen more interesting blogs and thought that I would share them with you. Jane Dunnewold just started a new blog titled Existential Neighborhood – Visioning a Creative Existence. Knowing Jane, this will truly be an interesting and genuine experience. I can’t wait to dive into it. Karoda (Karen Davis) of Seamless Skin commented on modern […]

blogs and websites……..

there is so much incredible work out there and I have some wonderful blogs and websites listed on modernmarks which I follow, so I thought that I would mention a bit about a few of them…… :::Linda Colsh is a fiber artist in Belgium, whose work I could admire all day……she did an interview with me […]


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