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blogs and websites……..

there is so much incredible work out there and I have some wonderful blogs and websites listed on modernmarks which I follow, so I thought that I would mention a bit about a few of them…… :::Linda Colsh is a fiber artist in Belgium, whose work I could admire all day……she did an interview with me […]

Lucienne Day 1917-2010

great loss to me, personally, and many others….. Lucienne Day died January 30th. Here is a catalog of her fabrics. Her obituary is in the Guardian. I heard about her passing from Kim Kight at the TrueUp Blog. We have both spoken about our love of her work.This image is from the Guardian (U.K.) – taken […]

today began with……..

a beautiful snow, 4 deer and the feeders visited by mourning doves, Mr. & Ms. Cardinal, the Hairy Woodpecker and many more small feathered friends in our back yard…….what else could you ask for in life??? I had another yardage of fabric sell, which is always fun. This piece was white PFD cotton that was […]


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